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101domain is a scam

I was trying to register a domain with the .ms extension. was ranked the 1st place in the google search for “.ms domain registration” (turns out does a great SEO job and is ranked the first place for a lot of registrar related search terms). So I registered the domain name I wanted there and paid, then I found out the domain status in my account page was “Sent to registry, pending create”. I thought that .ms might had some restrictions and waited for 4 days. Nothing happened. I then submitted a supported ticket and waited for another 36 hours, again nothing happened, no reply, nothing. So I tried registering the same .ms domain name at another registrar that I read about during my searches, guess what, instant success! I can use the domain name immediately after payment. I couldn’t believe it. Now I’m requesting for a refund from 101domain, see how that goes (I have a bad feeling about this though, probably will have to file a dispute with paypal or even ask my bank to charge back).

In short, 101domain is a scam, avoid at all costs.

Update: They did refund me within 48 hours though, after I filed a dispute via paypal and threatened to ask my bank to charge back.